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Sunday, December 4, 2011


Sock Snowman
Here is an adorable idea you can make with your class or with your own children.  This would be also be a great gift idea for grandparents.
You will need:  white tube socks, fiber fill, rubber bands, markers, felt scraps, wiggly eyes, and other craft accessories

Have children fill the bottom of the sock with 3 large fists of fiberfill.  Put a rubber band around this section.  Put two fists full of fiberfill in and then put a rubber band around the middle section.  Put one fist full of fiberfill in to make the head and put a rubber band.  Pull the top cuff of the sock over the head to look like a hat.  Decorate with wiggly eyes, felt scarf, yarn hair, etc.  Draw on a mouth and buttons with markers.

These won’t really crack, but they are lots of fun to make or give to friends.  They can also add a special touch to a special holiday table.
You will need:  cardboard rollers, wrapping paper, candy, small toys, curling ribbon

Directions:           Cut the cardboard rollers into 5” sections.  Fill with candy and little toys.  Roll in wrapping paper, twist the ends, and tie with curling ribbon.

Holiday Napkin Rings
Your children can help you spruce up your holiday table with these napkin rings. 

You will need:  paper towel rolls, stickers, yarn, lace, fabric, buttons

Cut the cardboard roll into 1 ½” sections.  Cut the wrapping paper into 2 ½” x 6” rectangles.  Spread glue on the back side of the wrapping paper and then wrap it around the cardboard roll.  Tuck in the top and bottom to make your napkin ring.

*You can also use stickers, yarn, fabric, or lace to decorate your napkin rings.  Insert a holiday napkin for a special touch.