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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Beat post holiday blues with one of these suggestions!

Hot Chocolate Friday
I LOVE this idea!  Ask each parent to send in a box of instant hot chocolate and an old coffee mug.  End your week by letting each child stir up some hot chocolate.  Read poems, say rhymes, and fall in love with language as you sip your hot chocolate together!

Game Day
This was on a blog several weeks ago.  Let children bring in games from home on Friday and play with their friends the last 30 minutes on Friday.

Dress Up
We always looked forward to dress up days.  Pajama parties, beach day (Yes, in January!), what I want to be when I grow up, my favorite book character, hat day, and silly sock day are just a few ideas.

Crystal Ware of Atlanta explained that their whole grade level gets together for 30 minutes of LIFT every Friday.  LIFT stands for “Learning Is Fun Time” and I think it’s a wonderful idea for 2012.  It’d work well to put one class in charge each week and to relate songs, rhymes, stories, and games to standards and themes.