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Monday, December 12, 2011


Hand Hug
Here’s a new handshake that Christy Wheeler from Norman, OK, taught me last week when I was in Oklahoma City.  You put right palms together with your partner and then wrap your thumbs around the side of your partner’s hand as you say, “Ahhhh!” 

O U Did a Good Job!
This is a new cheer that you can do in any state. 
Oh  - Circle hands above head to make the letter O.
You – Put hands in air to make the letter U.
Did a good job! – Clap your hands on each word.
Oh – Circle hands above your head.
S – Turn sideways and curve one arm and one leg to make the letter S.
You – Put hands in the air to make the letter U.
Did – Fists in the air as if cheering.

Todally Awesome Cheer
Squat down like a frog and say, “Todally.”
Jump up with arms in the air and say, “Awesome!”

Golf Tee Writing
This is a great idea someone shared to develop small muscles and writing skills.  Children spread play dough to make a pancake and then write on it with a golf tee.

Once Upon a Time
Here’s a cool T-shirt idea for your school from Rori Hodges at Bridge Creek Elementary.

Websites has some fantastic alphabet videos - and it's FREE!