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Friday, December 9, 2011


Manners go a long way in this world, but unfortunately many children don’t have parents who teach them this at home.  Super Teacher to the rescue!  This is a perfect time of year to talk about thanking others and what it means to be polite.  Here’s a simple song to the tune of “The Farmer in the Dell” that will encourage children to use “magic words.”
         There are two magic words
         That will open doors with ease.
         One word is, “Thanks!”
         And the other word is, “Please!”

*Role play when to say, “please,” “thank you,” “you’re welcome,” and “excuse me.”

*Use puppets to demonstrate what children should say when they receive a gift.

*Teach children these signs and use them as prompts:
         Please               palm open on chest and circle around
         Thank you         fingers on chin and then down to palm
*Sing and sign this song to the tune of “Happy Birthday” to thank school helpers and volunteers.  It would be perfect for thanking parents at your school party next week.
         We   (Make “w” and circle around.)
         Say (Index fingers by lips and move out.)
         Thank you  (Fingertips on chin and extend out.)
         To.  (Touch index fingertips.)
         You.    (Point.)
         (Repeat twice)
         We say thank you 
         For helping  (Open left palm and place right fist
         on it and bring up.)
         We say thank you to you!

Hint!  If you go to and click on dictionary you can see the signs