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Tuesday, July 16, 2013


This is such a positive song that you can use to encourage students about your school.  It goes to the tune of “The Farmer in the Dell.”
I Like to Come to School
I like to come to school.
I like to come to school.
I like to learn and play each day
I like to come to school.

I like to make new friends…
I like to read and write…
I like to do math…
I like to sing and draw…/

*Ask children other things they like about school and insert their suggestions in the song.

*Write children’s suggestions on sentence strips and use in a pocket chart.

*Make a class book where each child draws a picture about what they like best at school.  They can dictate or write a sentence to go with their drawings.  Read the book several times to the class and then allow children to “check it out” and take it home.

When K.J. was in pre-k the teacher sent home a photo of the class.  Hardly a day went by that he wouldn't get that picture and say, "I played with my friend Aiden today."  Or, "Amani sat next to me on the field trip."   It was a great way to help his parents get to know his friends and encourage dialog about what happened at school.  I've adapted the idea to a book you could make similar to the one shown from zip sandwich bags.  I call this book a "bathtub book" because it is water-proof and can actually be read in the tub or shower!

My First Week
You will need zip sandwich bags, construction paper cut to fit in the bags, and photos of each child, a class photo, children's drawings, etc.  Glue photos to the construction paper.   Next, let the children draw a self-portrait or what they like best at school etc.  (They can dictate or write a sentence to go with their illustration.)  Stack the bags up and then staple outside the zipper to create a water-tight seal.