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Sunday, July 21, 2013


Say “Yes!”
Go to your principal before school starts and ask her to say, “Yes!” when you ask her a question.  Then ask your principal to give you the best and brightest children in your room this year.  (To which the principal will reply, “Yes!”)  On the first day say, “I asked the principal to give me the best and brightest children this year.  And here you are!”  Throughout the school year remind them that they are the best and the brightest and they will live up to your expectations!

*One teacher told me that she tells, “You are lucky to be in my room because I’m the best teacher in the school.  But don’t let the other kids know or they’ll be jealous!”  LOL

Business Cards

Use your computer to help children design personal business cards.  Include the child’s name, school, teacher’s name, and a graphic of their choice.  Print on cardstock, cut apart, and have children distribute them to family members, neighbors, and friends.  How cool is that!!!

Tear Tea

Sometimes it’s as difficult for the parents to say good-bye as it is for the children.  Planning a tea for parents in the library after they drop their children off will ease the separation.  It would also be a great time to recruit volunteers for the school!

Hint!  Give a pack of tissues as a party favor!

The Kissing Hand

What would we do without this wonderful book to help children (and parents) transition to school.  I know there are countless activities to do with this book, but one of the simplest is to have parents and children trace and cut out each other’s hands the first day of school.  After kissing the hands, pin the parent’s hand to the child and send the parent to the “tear tea” below with their child’s hand.