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Friday, July 26, 2013


Well, if you've been visiting my blog this month, you are more than ready for the first twelve days of school!

The First Twelve Days of School

(Tune:  “The Twelve Days of Christmas”)
On the first day of school  (Hold up 1 finger.)
My teacher gave to me
A book of the ABC’s.
2nd – two new pencils   (Hold up 2 fingers.)
3rd – three color crayons   (Hold up 3 fingers.)
4th – four glue sticks   (Hold up 4 fingers.)
5th – five gold stars   (Hold up 5 fingers.)
6th – six pairs of scissors  (Hold up 6 fingers.)
7th – seven school boxes  (Hold up 7 fingers.)
8th – eight spiral notebooks  (Hold up 8 fingers.)
9th – nine wooden rulers  (Hold up 9 fingers.)
10th – ten magic markers  (Hold up 10 fingers.)
11th – eleven pink erasers  (Hold up 10 fingers, close, and then hold up 1.)
12th – twelve library books   (Hold up 10 fingers, close, and then hold up 2.)

Here’s a link for the book you can download from my website.

*Make up new songs each month with seasonal objects.  For example, “On the first day of November my teacher game to me, a big, fat, gobbling turkey.  On the second day of November my teacher gave to me, two pumpkin pies….”

PowerPoint Coming August 1st
Check my website on August 1st because we will have a new
PowerPoint and free download for this song!!!