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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Add the following items to a zip bag along with the letter: 

    cotton ball                         Hershey’s kiss            sticker
    rubber band                      penny                           tissue
    gold star                            band aid                       Life Saver
    gold thread                       eraser                                               
   “Welcome to your new classroom.  Each item in this bag 
    has a special  meaning for you!”

*The cotton ball is to remind you that this room is full of kind words and warm feelings.
*The chocolate kiss is to remind you that I care about you.
*The sticker is to remind you that we will all need to stick together and 
help each other.
*The rubber band is to remind you to hug someone.
*The penny is to remind you that you are valuable and special.
*The tissue is to remind you to help dry someone’s tears.
*The star is to remind you to shine and always try your best.
*The bandage is to remind you to heal hurt feelings in your friends and yourself.
*The gold thread is to remind you that friendship ties our hearts together.
*The eraser is to remind you that everyone makes mistakes, and that is okay.
*The Life Saver is to remind you that you can always come to me if you need someone to help you.
                                                With love,  (Teacher’s Signature)
TLC for Parents
Put the note below in an envelope with a cotton ball and tea bag and send it home to the
parents the first day of school.

Dear Parents,
Thank you for entrusting your child to me.  I promise to do my best every day to be your
child’s companion in learning.

Sit down, relax, and have a cup of tea.  Hold the cotton ball in your hand to remind
you of the gentle spirit of your child.  I know we will have a wonderful year as we learn
and grow together!
                                               Sincerely, (Teacher’s Name)