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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Welcome to Our Room Book
Here is a project children can do at home with their parents.  Send home a sheet similar to the one below where children attach their photo and fill in statements about their favorite food, siblings, pets, book, etc.  Younger children could dictate answers and older children can write their own responses.  After children orally share their papers with their classmates, put them together to make a book.  Invite children to take the book home to share with their families.

Family Bottle
Collect clear, plastic bottles (from water or soda) and give one to each child when they come to register or on the first day of school.    Ask them to fill the bottle with cut out photographs of family members and other small trinkets and mementos.  Have children bring their bottles to school the first day and use them for “show and tell.”  Store the bottles in a basket and when children are a little sad or homesick, tell them to get their family bottle and it will make them feel better.

What’s Your Bag? 
Give each child a lunch sack at registration or the first day of school and ask them to put the wrapper from their favorite candy, something their favorite color, a picture of their family, the title of their favorite book, etc. in the bag.  After sharing these objects with classmates, they can use them to decorate journals, make banners about themselves, etc.