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Sunday, July 14, 2013


We all know wonderful Bill Martin’s “Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?”  Your children will love saying and “reading” this version with you.  Put each child’s photo on a page with this chant at the top:

            Child’s name, child’s name, who do you see?
On the bottom of the page write:
            I see second child’s name looking at me.

On the last add the teacher’s photo with this rhyme:
            Children, children, who do you see?
            I see teacher’s name looking at me.
            Teacher’s name, teacher’s name, who do you see?
            I see happy children ready to learn with me!

*Make two copies of this book so one child can take it home each day to share with their families.

School Helpers
Introduce children to school helpers with a similar book with the principal, secretary, custodian, dietician, PE teacher, music teacher, and other specialists.


Class Yellow Pages
Tear off the front and back of your “Yellow Pages” to use for the outside of this book.  Make inside pages for the book that say, “We are good readers.”  “We can help you with the computer.”  “We can tie shoes.”  “We are good spellers.”  “We like to draw.”  “We are mathematicians.”  “We like to clean.”  (Include pages that represent the different multiple intelligences, as well as common tasks in the classroom.)  Encourage children to sign up on the pages where they can help others.  When someone comes to you for help, remind them to look in the “Class Yellow Pages.”

Class Phone Book
For younger children, make a class phone book with their photos and phone numbers.  (Make up a number if they have an unlisted number.)  Place this by a play phone or an old cell phone so they can practice numeral recognition as they call friends.