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Monday, September 2, 2013


Happy Labor Day!  Time to put away those white shoes and get out those sweaters!

It’s also time to check out my September, 2013, website that’s full of ideas for alphabet knowledge and singing sounds.  You’ll find a letter wand, letter tree, game patterns, and over 100 activities to help your children make letter friends. You’re also going to LOVE the free “Letter Tales” song and book!  Here are some ways you can use it in your classroom.

*Glue the title page to the front of a pocket folder.  Insert the other pages in clear sheet protectors and put them in the folder. 
*Sing the song as you show the illustrations to the children.  Go back and look at each animal and see if the children can identify what it is from the tail.  (In case you get stuck, N is for nanny goat and W is for worm.)
*Brainstorm other animals that start with each sound.
*Place the book and song in the listening center.
*Older children could make their own “Letter Tales” book.  Assign each child a letter.  Brainstorm how they could find an animal that starts with their letter.  (They could look in the dictionary, library, internet, ask a friend, etc.)  After they choose an animal they can illustrate the tail.  Put their pictures together to make a book.