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Friday, September 20, 2013


Play, Play, Play!

Dear Parents,

You’ve heard it said that “play is the child’s work.”  This is so true!  They have a lifetime to be a grown up and work, but only once to be a child.  The good news is that as you play with your child you are actually laying the foundation for learning and life.  Children don’t need more “stuff.”  What they want and need most is time and attention from you!  The important thing is to follow your child’s lead as you create special memories!  Here are some “play activities” to get you started:

Read a book.                                      Tell a joke.           
Exercise.                                             Sing a song.
Play hide and seek.                           Hum.

Say a nursery rhyme.                        Play a card game.
Talk.                                                     Make a puppet.
Juggle two paper towels.                 Swing.

Sit on the floor together.                   Build something with blocks.
Blow bubbles.                                    Go outside and take a walk.
Cut pictures out of magazines.        Skip.

Play a board game.                           Skate on paper plates.
Count.                                                  Look out the window.

Go on a nature walk.                          Make a wish.
Jump or hop as long as you can.     Do a job together.                                   

Play a memory game.                        Write a letter.

Cook something together.                 Do a finger play.                          
Work a puzzle.                                    Make a band of pots and pans. 

Pantomime.  Guess who I am?        Play “I spy.”

Draw a picture.                                    Read the funny papers.                       

Put on a puppet show.                       Go to the library.                                   
Make a book.                                      Make a card for someone.                       

Play a rhyming game.                        Play with play dough.

String pasta or cereal on                   Draw with chalk on the                       
dental floss.                                         sidewalk.                                      

Play follow the leader.                        Make silly faces in a mirror.     

Draw a picture.                                    Put on some music and dance.

*Hint!  Cut these suggestions up into strips and place them in a sack.  Let your child choose a strip and then do that activity.