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Thursday, September 19, 2013


Letters, Letters, Letters!

Dear Parents,

Children are naturally interested in the letters they see in their world.  You don’t need flashcards or computer games, but you can take advantage of “teachable moments” with some of these ideas.

1.    Point out letters in your home on cereal boxes, household items, clothing, and 
2.    As you travel in the car, talk about letters on stores, restaurants, and signs.
3.    Magnetic letters are a “must have.”  Children can play with these on a refrigerator or cookie sheet.  Start with  one or two letters and slowly add more.  Point out the lines, circles, and unique configuration of each letter.  Talk about the sound each letter makes.  “This is letter and it says sound.”
4.    Look for crackers, cookies, or cereal in the shape of letters.  There are also
      cookie cutters, sponges, blocks, and other toys that will spark your child’s
      interest in letters.
5.    Talk about letters as you read to your child.  “Can you find a letter on this page?”
6.    Write names of family members on index cards and attach them to the refrigerator or a poster.  Talk about the different letters in each person’s name.
7.    Let your child dictate stories to you about their artwork or photographs you have taken.  (Carefully write down what your child says and then point to the words as you read over it again.)
8.    Write the words for objects in your child’s room on sticky notes.  Play a game where your child matches up the words with the objects.