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Monday, September 30, 2013


No, I'm not selling my house, but today's blog is about LISTS. Last week I heard a reporter discuss how "people love lists."  List of the top ten best dressed...list of the top college football teams...list of the best movies...lists, lists, lists!  It dawned on me (in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep) that making lists would be a good way to engage children in informative writing.

Younger children could make lists of 1-5, while older students could do lists of 10.  Younger children could draw pictures, dictate, or use invented spelling.  Older students could be encouraged to write complete sentences.  So, what could they make lists of????  Bet you could add to this list!

List of their favorite books.
List of their favorite songs.
List of their favorite foods.
List of their favorite subjects at school.
List of their favorite animals/pets.
List of their favorite sports or games.
List of what they can do if they finish their work early.
List of the things they love.
List of things that bug them.
List of things that make them happy.
List of how to be a buddy/friend.

Lists could also be included in units of study by having children keep a list of things they learned, facts, etc.

So, are you going to love it and LIST it?