Tuesday, October 1, 2013


I was in Austin, TX, last week and one tourist attraction is to go watch the bats come out from under the bridges each evening.  I got a cute little bag of bat rings at the store and came up with a few activities for this month.

Sort them.

Count them.

Make a pattern with them.

Add and subtract them.

Make a cave from a disposable bowl by turning it upside down and cutting an arch as shown.  Display a certain number of bats.  Put some in the cave and ask children, "How many do you see?  How many do you think are in the cave?"

Reinforce positional words by having children put their bat above their head, under their chin, behind their back, beside their ear, etc.

Are bats really blind?  Are bats birds?  How do bats help us?  How can you find out the answers to these questions?  Let children brainstorm and make a list of their suggestions.  For homework, have them do research with their parents to find out answers to the questions above and one other interesting fact they can share about bats.

Informative Writing
Write books of “Bat Facts.”

Creative Writing
What would you do if you were a bat?

Hint!  You could do similar activities with spider rings.