Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Yes, I certainly had a heavenly day at Crown of Life Lutheran School in Colleyville, TX, last week.  The teachers were “angels”!  Thanks to the Hudson Foundation for making this day possible.
 Sandy Simono, Amy Byrd, Stacey Carter, and Erin Kinnaird-
 my hostesses with the mostestesses!

Is this cool or what?  They gathered all sorts of little objects (you’d probably find enough in lost and found or your desk drawer) and glued them to a board with a hot glue gun.  The “I Spy” board is located above the water fountain between two restrooms so children have something to occupy them while they wait in line.

I’m always on the lookout for Common Core ideas and this one is a winner.  The “I Wonder” wall is in the cafeteria.  Younger students write questions on sticky notes and put them on the wall.  Older students take those questions, do a little research, and then share what they found out.

What a clever awning for a classroom door!  

And "How to Blow a Bubble" will entice any child to write.

Stacey Carter and I are both UGA Bulldog fans, so I loved her theme.

Let’s go to the beach in Sandy Shimono’s room.

Hog wild for Amy Boyd’s piggy theme.

Erin Kinnaird’s room is for the birds.

The library has special nooks that say, “Come read a book in me!”