Saturday, October 12, 2013


Okeedookee!  This is the final Halloween idea for the season!  I'm making these for Kalina and K.J. and your kiddles might get a kick out of them as well.  Let children squirt glue on a sheet of wax paper.  Add some wiggly eyes.  Dry overnight.  Punch a hole, insert string, and you’ve got a necklace.  These don’t have to be ghosts, you know.  They could be monsters or aliens or anything else you would like them to be.  If you ever see a holiday activity on my site, you just go ahead and borrow it, adapt it, or steal it and make it work for you!

Ghost Busters – Cut ghost shapes out of white paper.  Write letters, numerals, words, or whatever skill you want to reinforce on the ghosts.  Staple ghosts to a bulletin board and let the children identify the information as they swat the ghosts with a fly swatter.
*You can make a similar game from a file folder.  Glue a hand to a craft stick and use to swat the ghosts.

Handprint Art
Trace around children’s hands and feet on white paper.  Glue to black construction paper and let children add details.