Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Did you know that Austin was the live music capital of the world?  It's also home to a super Education Service Center and some fantastic teachers!

Back Pocket Book (Mary Clark)
Fold a sheet of paper in eighths.  Cut up three sections as shown.  Accordion fold to make a little book that's just right for your back pocket.

Tying Shoes (Amanda Bradley)
Purchase an old pair of shoes from a thrift store.  Nail them to a board. Students can pull the board close to them and practice tying with real shoes.

Remind 101
This is a free app that you can use to communicate with families.

Sing and Sign in Espanol (Diana Santos)
(Tune:  The Farmer in the Dell)
Donde esta la a?
Donde esta la a?
Aqui estoy.
Aqui estoy.,
/a/ /a/ /a/
*Make sign language letters as you sing.
Good website for nursery rhymes.

Name Plates (Kim Smythe)
Write children's names on plates.  Sing this song to the tune of "If You're Happy."  Frisbee the plates into the middle of the floor as you sing, "If your name is on the plate, then pick it up..."

Red Plate Celebration (Cheryl Bollish)
When you have parent conferences give parents a red plastic plate and explain that they should save it for when their child has a special accomplishment at school.  Here is the certificate you can send home:
     My teacher said I've been great!
     She said I should CELEBRATE!
     "I'm proud of you," my teacher said.
     "You can eat on this plate of red!"