Sunday, October 6, 2013


I was searching for a quote this week and I came across this one from THE LITTLE PRINCE:
            “All grown-ups were once children…
            but only few of them remember it.”
You and I remember, don’t we, although many parents, education decision makers, and policy makers have forgotten.  I wish they would come into our classrooms, get down on the floor, and talk to our children.  Then they would understand the angst that we feel as we try to implement rigorous demands and still respect the magic of childhood.

Our grandson has a great teacher this year, and it’s so insightful to hear him talk about school.  We don’t hear much about the academics, but he constantly talks about the personal “touch” that his teacher brings to the classroom.  One idea I thought was brilliant was that every day his teacher tells them about a special holiday.  (There are tons of these online.)  The teacher will often introduce a new vocabulary word that relates to the holiday.  For example, on “chocolate milkshake day” K.J. learned savor because you want to savor every sip.  That’s a word he’ll never forget.

Whenever I run into former students I like to ask them what they remember about me.  They never say, “You taught me to love reading” or “You made me want to be a scientist.”  It’s always the little personal memories like, “You used to let us feel your baby move.”  (I was pregnant 39 years ago and I’d let them feel Holly in my tummy.)  Or, “I remember the day you brought your dog to school.” 

If you have time today, check out this article by Mary Amoto: > 6nFLMBiiGfORWsU5Nnl459dv6mHT&cmp=clp-edweek
I’m sure you’ll agree that “New standards, tests, and training won’t necessarily deliver results. What guarantees great teaching and learning is a great teacher…Good teachers have good content knowledge and classroom-management skills; great teachers have all that, and they are also passionate and curious.”

Where am I going with this?  Shut your door and be the GREAT teacher that you are!  Share a little of yourself, listen to your children, sing a song, read a book that you love, take a walk outside, laugh…and enjoy a special moment with those little princes and princesses!!!