Saturday, October 26, 2013


Reading Foundations
Count, pronounce, blend, and segment syllables in spoken words.

Move It!
Clap, hop, walk, or nod the syllables in classroom objects.  
*Disco, hula, swim, or march to syllables in rhymes and songs.

Mouth It
Have children gently place their palm under their chin and ask them repeat to words.  Surprise!  The mouth opens on each syllable (all syllables have vowels and the mouth opens).

Name Clap
Clap the syllables in children's names.  Make a book similar to the one shown with hands demonstrating the number of syllables you should clap for each child's names.

Syllable Stepping  (Michaela White)
As a way to transition and line up students, have them step out syllables and sounds.  Every student stands in place.  The teacher (or student helper) calls out a word.  The students move according to the syllables they hear. 
Ex:  arctic – 2 syllables – walk 2 steps in line

Put fingers above your head like antennae and “beep” for syllables.
*You can also “Wa wa” like Charlie Brown’s teacher.

Have children beat out syllables with instruments.  You could also use cardboard rollers, straws, pencils, etc. like drum sticks to tap out rhythms and syllables.

Show Me            
Slowly say a word.  Children hold up the number of syllables they hear on their fingers.
*You could also let them show the number of syllables by placing the appropriate number of poker chips on their desk.
Older children can sort word wall words by the number of syllables.  Folding a sheet of paper into thirds (or a brochure) works well for this.

Syllable Clap
Clap, clap, clap your hands
Clap syllables together.
Clap one syllable words,
Clap one time together.
Hop (clap once)  House
Girl          Eye
Look       Red...
Clap two syllable words…
Happy (clap twice)  Brother
Puppy      Window...
Clap three syllable words…
Wonderful (clap 3 times)
Fabulous    Grandfather...