Thursday, October 31, 2013


That's Halloween spelled backwards!  

Take a deep breath and try to enjoy the day.  Forget introducing a new concept or expecting the children to be quiet.  Take lots of brain breaks, play outside, sing some songs, and have a happy day.

Here's some homework children will get a kick out of.  Ask them to save their candy wrappers and bring them to school.  Collect them in a box and then recycle and learn with the activities below.

Count the wrappers.  Make sets of 5 or 10 and count.

Challenge children to sort their wrappers.  Can they regroup them another way?

Use the wrappers to graph their favorite candy.

Look at the food value on each wrapper.  How many calories?  How much sugar?  Rank the candies by calories.

Find descriptive words on the wrappers.  Make a list of the words and use them in sentences.

Fold 2 sheets of paper in half and staple to make a book.  Children write “I like…” at the top of each page and glue a candy wrapper underneath.  This is a book every child in your room can read!  Older children could write descriptive sentences about each candy.

Use the wrappers to make a class book called “The Sweet ABC’s.”  Write alphabet letters on 26 sheets of paper.  Children glue their wrappers to the appropriate letter.  Bind pages together to make a book.
Hint!  If you don’t have a wrapper for each letter, let children suggest “sweet” words for the page.

Glue candy wrappers to a file folder.  Write a coin value by each wrapper.  Children count out the appropriate amount and place it on the wrapper.
Hint!  For young children, price the candies from 1 cent to 10 cents and give them pennies.  Make the amounts higher for older students.

Let children use wrappers to make a collage.  You could use geometric shapes for collages or you could let children make a cover for a journal with the wrappers.
Finally, take advantage of this “teachable moment” by discussing why sugar is not good for their bodies.  What happens if you eat too much sugar?  Make a list of healthy snacks that would be better food choices.

Holly let Kalina and K.J. pick out their own costumes.  Can't you tell?  Talk about a reflection of ages and stages.  The eight year old zombie and the three year old pink bunny!
Yep!  That gym rat is me!  I'm off to my exercise class' Halloween party.
Have a happy, happy day!!!