Friday, November 1, 2013


Check out my website this month for activities to help develop some social graces in your students.   There’s a free download of this sweet song that my Holly wrote:

            Magic Words
            There are two little magic words
            That will open any door with ease.
            One little word is, “Thanks!”
            And the other little word is, “Please!”

            When you’d like to ask for someone’s help,
            And you’re not sure where to begin.
            “Please” will start you off,
            and “thanks” comes at the end.

Although manners are not a part of most state standards, they can take you a long way in this world!  Many children do not have parents who instruct them in the social graces at home.  Children want to please, and knowing how to act and what to do in different social situations will help them feel more confident.  Most importantly, good manners reflect respect and kindness.