Thursday, November 7, 2013


Veteran’s Day is next Monday, so here are some ideas you can integrate your lesson plans.  My daughter Holly wrote the words to this song, and I think it is absolutely beautiful!

Veteran’s Day – 2nd Monday in November
(Tune:  “Danny Boy” - HAPPY EVERYTHING  CD)

Today’s the day we celebrate our veterans,
The men and women who fought for our great land.
We’ll raise our flags and hold a moment of silence
And we will carry poppies in our hands.
Because we want to thank you for your service;
You traveled far to keep us safe at home.
You fought with pride and honor for our country.
Our veterans, oh how we love you so.
Here’s a link so you can download the book that Martha Shehan created:

Vocabulary – What is a veteran?  For homework, have children interview their parents to find out about veterans in their family.

Poppies – Take three 7” circles cut out of  red tissue paper and fold them like a fan.  Twist a green pipe cleaner around the middle.  Open layers to resemble a poppy.  Do a search on the internet to discover why the poppy is symbol for Veteran’s Day.
Guest Speaker – Call a local military recruiting office and invite a guest speaker to share with the children what it’s like to have a job in the armed forces.

Letters to the Armed Forces
What a great way to show appreciation for our servicemen and women!  Check out this site for details: