Friday, November 15, 2013


Last week Melinda Cook joined us at the seminar in Dallas.  She works for ESGI, which is an educational software company developed by Greg Gorman, a former kindergarten teacher.  I was skeptical the first time I talked to Greg, but after watching his video, I was IMPRESSED!  So, if you are tired of collecting data and confused about what you’re suppose to do with it…you just might want to check out ESGI.  Here’s a message from Melinda: 

I want to tell you about an amazing resource created by a good friend and a former Kindergarten teacher!  Greg Gorman, founder of Educational Software for Guiding Instruction (ESGI), is making a difference with early learning teachers all across the country and around the world. Although it's been around for awhile, I recently just understood the real power of this instructional resource.

Greg created ESGI because he wanted to be able to use all the student data he was required to collect as a teacher.  The end result is ESGI, an amazing time saver which is very simple to use.  What started as a grassroots effort, with Greg driving around to different schools in his district to share this great new assessment tool, has turned in to a worldwide success. Initially, 60 fellow teachers were using the program, and for 4 consecutive years, every single one of them asked if they could use it again "next year." Their reaction was so powerful and emotional, that it changed the course of his career, and resulted in this chance for you to make a significant impact on yours! 

The reality is that almost all kindergarten teachers are still using paper and pencil for valid one-to-one assessments.  Others, who have tried the technical route, are disillusioned by various K-12 assessment programs selected at the district-level, but are not appropriate for early learners.  These negative experiences have left them wondering if they will EVER have a solution that will work exactly the way they need it to everyday - with every student.

Just check out the 3-minute Teacher Testimonials - ESGI Intro Video  using the link below, and find out how ESGI helps PK - 2nd grade teachers save time, communicate to parents, and understand all of the assessment data they collect.  We also include a FREE version of “Parent Conferencer” with every license, which allows teachers to streamline the scheduling and communication for parent conferences.

Please visit ESGI to check it out for yourself with their special 6-month free trial, and discover that ESGI is NOT another assessment!  It is a teacher's tool; a tool, complete with 25 standard skills inventory tests, and the capacity for you to quickly & easily automate all of the tests that you're currently using.  It truly takes you only a few minutes to add a new test, and immediately start saving about 75% of the time that you've been spending administering and managing assessments and student data.

After realizing that ESGI is SUCH a great idea and truly IS a resource that "SAVES THE TEACHERS," I immediately had to tell Greg to "Kiss his brain!"  Tooty ta!!