Monday, November 25, 2013


The ability to find useful and reliable information is essential in all areas of life.  Technology skills will also be critical to future success.

Where Do You Go When You Need to Know?  Encourage students to suggest what they can do when they want to know something.
                        Go to the library.
                        Search on the internet.
                        Look in a magazine or book.
                        Ask the teacher.
                        Ask a friend.
                        Ask someone in your family.
                        Go on a field trip.
                        Look around.

Free Sites for Technology  (animate reactions to literature and current events) (video streaming) (paperless storage) (e scrapbooking) (creating a podcast) (paperless storage of materials) (create multi-media presentations) (completing an online survey)

Here are classroom activities that can foster technical skills:
Send emails
Use the internet for research
Use a Smartboard
Build a wiki
Create a photostory
Write a classroom blog
Assess and evaluate research sources
Interpret media sources
Use technology to write and illustrate stories
Make a movie after a field
Graph – use software to record and analyze data
Incorporate the use of digital technologies in the classroom (PDAs, media players, GPS, computers, SmartPhones, etc.)

Note! Several weeks ago at a workshop a teacher said, “Dr. Jean, I know you don’t like technology.”  That’s not true!  I LOVE technology!  Mr. Google is one of my best friends!  However, I think technology in children’s lives needs to be balanced with all of the hands-on activities and social experiences I try to share with you every day.  Balance, balance, balance!