Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Hey, cowboys and cowgirls!  I rounded up some great ideas for you last week in Texas.

Don't you love this shirt?

Chilli Pepper Cheer   (Teresa Palmer)
Open the jar.                          (Pretend to open a jar.)
Pick out a pepper.                 (Pretend to hold a pepper.)
Take a bite.                             (Take a bite.)
I yi yi yi!                                    (Hand up and shake like it’s hot!)

Truck Driver Cheer  (Teresa Palmer)
Boys do the truck driver cheer with a deep voice as they say, “Good job, good buddy!”
Girls do the truck drive cheer with a feminine voice and end with, “Honk!  Honk!”

Super Star  (Teresa Palmer)
Reach for the stars.                   (Reach up in the air.)
Catch it!  Grab it!                        (Pretend to grab something.)
Stick it!                                         (Pretend to lick and stick to forehead.)
Super star!                                  (Spread hands out.)

I’m So Smart!  (Janet Forney)
I am so smart.                              (Fingertips touch back of head.)
And nobody can take it away!
And no one can take it away!   (Shake head no.)
Ba da da!                                     (Shake fists.)
Yeah!                                            (Jazz hands.)

Class Cheers  (Amy Thomas)
Let children come up with their own cheers and write them on a poster.  For example:  Pete the Cat Cheer
My buttons, my buttons, my 4 groovy buttons…
Count backwards to one and then say, “Great job done!”

Turn off the TV and Go Outside!!!  (Ginny Hurley)
Turn                                    (Turn in a circle and jump as you say “turn.”)
Off                                       (Make an “O” like the Hulk as you say “off.”)
T                                         (Make arms in a T as you say “T.”)
V                                         (Arms make a V overhead as you say “V.”)
And Go                              (Jump forward with arms extended as you say “go.”)
Out                                     (Big overhead O as you say “out.”)
Side                                    (Turn sideways and say “side.”)

Stretch Break  (Paige Benyacoub)
Stretch to the left!               (Arms stretch left.)
Stretch to the right!             (Arms stretch right.)
Stand up!                             (Stand.)
Sit down!                              (Sit.)
Fight!  Fight!  Fight!            (Punch in the air.)

Working Out the Vowels  (Melanie Parras)
When working on the vowels the long vowel says it’s name like a strong man with muscle arms and a loud voice.
The short vowel sounds soft like a little girl.
Long A                (Make long a sound and flex muscles.)
Short A                 (Make /a/ sound with a high girlie voice as you hold
                               hands under your chin.)

Let’s Work Together (Amy Murray)
Put student sin pairs and have them create one product with both names to turn it in.  This can be done with a craft, writing, writing the alphabet, etc.

Listening Center  (Tracie Williams)
Put Dr. Jean’s CDs at the listening centers so the students can sing while working puzzles.  “I love it because no one argues over who is going to turn the pages or hold a book!  The kids sound so precious singing!”

Attention Getter
Teacher says…            Ice cream soda pop.
Kids say…                     Cherry on top!
*Use songs as a reward.  They get to earn pompoms etc. and when the get ten they get to sing a favorite song.

Roll a Heart Word (Erin Lloyd & Angie Plunk)
How about calling high frequency words “heart words” because you have to know them by heart.  Here is a great game called roll a heart.  Take six words and make a grid as shown.  Children roll a die and then write the word in that grid (starting at the bottom).  They keep rolling and writing until time is called.

Line Up Song  (Teacher Tipster – This teacher needs to be on the Comedy channel!)
Here we go just a walkin’ down the hall
Thinkin’ shh shh shh shh shh shh shh shh shh!
Here we go just a walkin’ down the hall
Thinkin’ shh shh shh shh shh shh shh shh shh!
We look good.            (Children echo.)
We look fine.              (Children echo.)
We look good, we look fine.
We can really make a line.
Here we go …

Potty, Flush, and Wash  (Cindy and Tracy)
Tune:  “London Bridge”
Potty, flush, and wash your hands,
Wash your hands, wash your hands.
Potty, flush and wash your hands

Jappy Jirthday  (Cyndi Washington)
When it’s the child’s birthday sing the birthday song the correct way, and then sing it by substituting the first letter of the birthday child’s name.
Jean’s birthday would be:
Jappy Jirthday Jo Jou.
Jappy Jirthday Jo Jou.
Jappy Jirthday Jear Jean.
Jappy Jirthday Jo Jou!

Bear Hunt  (Donna Hester)
Get the entire school to play along as you take your class on a bear hunt.  Get your backpacks, flashlights, and snacks.  Leave honey in the room and let someone come in and mess up the room with honey and fake fur while you are gone.  When you return ask, “What happened?”  Let the children make a book about what they saw and heard. 
*This has become a tradition at our school and everyone plays along.