Thursday, November 14, 2013


So, what can children do with a partner?  Here are just a few ideas that can be adapted for preschool through elementary...middle school...high!  

Read together.

Look at books or magazines together.

Retell a story.  They can also discuss who, what, where, when, why, the problem, resolution, what might happen next, etc.

Whisper a prediction in each other’s ear.

Review information after a science lesson, social studies, etc.

Clean up a center or each other’s desks.

Read around the room.   Give them pointers and empty glasses frames for more fun.

Write the room.  Give them clipboards and ask them to write words that would reinforce a skill you are working on.  For example, they could write compound words, words with the “th” diagraph, two syllable words, etc.

Sing a song or say nursery rhymes together.

Help with dressing, such a zipping coats and tying shoes.

Draw a picture together.  They could draw their favorite part of a story, illustrate a poem, draw a picture of their teacher, and so forth.

Build together with blocks, Legos, etc.

Play with play dough or clay together.  They make objects that begin with a certain sound, shapes, sets, etc.

Play a computer game.

Review flashcards.

Guess who I am?  Children dramatize or pantomime favorite books, rhymes, animals, etc. while their partner tries to guess.

Make shapes and letters with their fingers or bodies.

Do puzzles together.

Check each other’s work.

Edit each other’s writing.

Work on vocabulary.  One child calls out a word while the other child gives the definition.

Practice spelling words.  One friend calls out a word for their partner to spell.

Play “Mirror.”  One child is the leader and the other child is the “mirror” and must mimic what the leader does.  Switch roles after a minute.

Do a graphic organizer (Venn diagram, web, T-chart, time line, etc.).

Write on each other’s backs.

Do exercises together.

I bet you can add to the list.  Shoot me an email with your ideas and I'll share them.