Tuesday, November 5, 2013


This is a hands-on way for children to identify words, syllables, phonemes, blend, and segment.

Materials:  pipe cleaners
                   pony beads

Directions:  Cut the pipe cleaners in half.  Take a green bead and string it to the left.  Twist the end so it doesn’t fall off.  Now, take six other beads of the same color and string them on.  Finally, take a red bead and knot it on the right end.  Children slide all the beads to the starting position (green) on the right.
Words – Slowly say a short sentence.  Have children follow you as you model moving a bead to the right for each word.  
Hint!  Always demonstrate and model before asking children to do these activities independently.

Syllables – Move beads for syllables you hear in words.

Phonemes – Say words slowly stretching out the sounds.  Slide a bead for each phoneme.  Say the word and slide the beads together to the left.

Talking Beads - You can also use the beads to guide sharing time.  Children can slide a bead over for every word that describes their object.  Then they can slide a bead for where they got it.  Finally, they can slide a bead as they say what it is.

*Again and again and again!  One thing I’ve noticed with most phonological awareness activities is that the children “don’t get it” the first time or second time or third time….  It takes many experiences before they hear those sounds and can manipulate them.  Don’t give up!  Keep at it because in January or February the light bulb will turn on.  Children will use these skills continually as they decode words and spell in the future.