Monday, October 28, 2013


Which One Doesn’t Belong?
Say a series of words that begin with the same sound.  Say one word that does not begin like the others.  Children listen and identify the word that does not belong.  (They can touch their ear or make a silly motion when they hear the word that doesn’t belong.)
For example:  sun, sand, top, see (top); boy, house, big, ball (house)

(Tune:  “Good Night Ladies” SING TO LEARN CD)
I put a penny in the gum slot.
I watched the gum roll down.
I get the gum and you get the wrapper,
Cause I put the penny in the gum slot.
*Sing substituting the initial consonant sound of each word with “B,” “N,” “P,”
“G,” “L,” and “F.”
*Cut out a paper gumball machine out of the front of a file folder as shown.  Write different letters on paper and insert in the song as you sing different sounds.
*Substitute other consonants, blends, and diagraphs in this song.

Mirror Mirror
Give children a hand mirror to look at their lips as they say words and make sounds.

Name Pop
Use one child’s name at a time.  Say the name slowly, and then say the first sound multiple times.  Have children “pop” out words that start with that sound.
Example:  Tonya /t/ /t/ /t/ /t/ turtle, talk, time, table, ten, two…Terrific Tonya!
*Think of a positive adjective for each child that begins with that sound.

Bappy Birthday
Sing the birthday song by inserting the first sound in the child’s name for each word. 
For example, Beth’s birthday song would be:  Bappy birthday bo bou…
*You can also insert the sound that the child’s name begins with in “Tooty Ta.”
For example:  Will’s day would be:  Wooty ta, wooty wa, wooty wa wa…
Hint!  If their first name begins with a vowel, use the first sound of their last name or middle name.

Hand Phone
Have children cup one hand around their ear and the other hand in front of their mouth.  The teacher says a series of words that begin with the same sound as the children repeat.
*You can also purchase phonics phones that are perfect for phonological awareness and independent reading.

Delightful Days
Think of adjectives for the days of the week and months of Monday the year. 
For example:  Thrilling Thursday, Fantastic Friday, or Marvelous May.