Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Here are a few more math ideas to stick in your resource pocket!

Math Houses for Fact Families
Cut out house shapes.  Write the numbers on the top of the house as shown.  Children fill in the various addition and subtraction facts.

Friends of Ten Web
Write ten in the middle.  Children think of the facts that equal ten and web them around. 
*Children could do this for decomposing any number.

T Chart for Odd and Even
Write odd and even numbers on the T-chart.  What do children notice about the numbers that are odd?  What’s the same about the numbers that are even?

Math Homework
Have children interview their parents to find out they use math at work.  Report their findings the next day at school.  Let children draw or write what they want to be when they grow up.  Why will math be important in their jobs?

Brainstorm all the things in their homes that use numbers and math. Let them make a list of all the objects/appliances in their homes that have numbers.

The Price Is Right!
Cut pictures of items from a toy catalog or flyer.  Cover up the price.  Let children estimate how much each item costs.  Show the actual value and determine who guessed more, less, or the closest amount.