Sunday, October 13, 2013


Everybody makes mistakes!  Even Dr. Jean!!!  Several teachers noticed that the numerals were wrong on “Pump It Up!” on my new DVD.  This could be a “teachable moment” by explaining to the children that we all make mistakes.  Sometimes you can erase your mistakes…sometimes you can say, “I’m sorry!”…and sometimes you can try and fix your mistakes.  Recognizing mistakes in books or information can be a good way to encourage students to be critical thinkers.  Help children differentiate between the deed and the doer.  People are not “bad” if they make a mistake.  It just happens sometimes.  So, you try to correct it or move on and do better the next time.

Thanks to my producer for fixing this mistake.  And, the good news is that now everyone can get a free copy on YouTube!  The great thing about this song is that children get some exercise while practicing a math standard (count to 100 by ones). 
*Adapt this exercise to count by fives, tens, twos, etc.
Hint!  Remind the children to squeeze their muscles like they are lifting heavy weights.  This will make them STRONG!!

Pump Up to 100
Pick up your weights and let’s count!
1-20 - bicep curls  (Elbows in, pretend to hold weights in fists with palms up as you bring forearms up and down.)
21-40 - for overhead press (Fists face forwards as you start at your shoulders and push the weights overhead.)
41-60 – side raises (Elbows at 90% angles as you raise them out to the side.)
61-80 – upright rows (Fists together close to the body and raise elbows out and up until fists are at your heart.)
81-100 – frontal raises -  (Fists together and arms stiff as you raise them in front of your body to eye level.)
Whew!  (Wipe brow!!!)
Stretch it out.  (Open arms.  Right arm stretch.  Left arm stretch.)