Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Over the next few days I'll be sharing some "bootiful" and "spooktacular" ideas.  I realize that many of you are at schools where they discourage holiday celebrations.  You'll still find a few clever ideas that you can "borrow and steal."  For example, the spider puppet could be used with a science unit, book, song, or nursery rhyme.

Teachers from several schools have said they do nursery rhyme units in October and then the children dress up as their favorite character and they have a "Nursery Rhyme Parade" on October 31st.  Another school said they do a unit on cowboys and cowgirls and then dress up and have a "Wild West Day" the end of October.  IT'S ALL GOOD!

The Five Days of Halloween
(Tune:  “Twelve Days of Christmas” – Happy Everything CD)

On the first day of Halloween my monster gave to me, (Hold up 1 finger.)
A bat in an old, dead tree.                  (Flap arms like a bat.)

On the second day …2 creepy spiders  (Wiggle fingers like spiders.)
On the third day…3 howling cats         (Stroke whiskers.)        
On the fourth day…4 silly scarecrows  (Jiggle like a scarecrow.)
On the fifth day…5 jack-o-lanterns     (Hands over head like a
Choose one child to be the bat, 2 to be spiders, 3 to be cats, etc. to act out the song.

Step Book
Take 3 pieces of paper and stagger them 1” apart.  Fold backwards.  Staple at the top to make a book.  Children write the title of the book on the first page and then illustrate each verse on the following pages.
Spider Puppet
You will need paper plates, construction paper, an old sock, markers, and a stapler to make this project.  Decorate two plates to look like a spider’s body.  Cut eight 8” x 1 12” strips for the spider’s legs.  Glue 4 legs on either side of the body.  Staple the plates together around the sides where the legs are glued.  Draw a face on the sock and then stick it through the center of the plates.
Spider Soup
This was one of my favorite Halloween activities!  Get a large industrial size can of chicken noodle soup.  Remove the wrapper and cover with construction paper.  Write “spider soup” on the label.  Take two packages of ramen noodles and crush.  Put in a  paper lunch sack and write “spider webs” on the front of the sack.  Explain to the children that you’ll be having spider soup for snack.  Show them the can and just LISTEN to their comments.  Open the can and put it in a crock pot.  (Someone will be sure to comment that they see spider legs and meat!)  Show them the sack and explain that you will end crunchy spider webs to make it better.  Dump those in and slowly cook until it is warm.  Serve in paper cups.