Tuesday, October 29, 2013


This activity would be great to do every day as part of your morning meeting. 
Hint!  Start with compound words.  When children are successful with that, use objects with two syllables.  Finally, children will be able to blend individual phonemes.

Directions:  Take a small sack and fill it with common objects or small toys.  Engage children’s attention with this song to the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot.”
            What’s in the sound sack, who can tell?
            Maybe it’s a book or maybe it’s a shell?
            What’s in the sound sack, who can say?
            Blend the sounds, you’ll know right away!
Choose an object and stretch out the sounds.  When children can blend the sounds and say the word, remove it from the sack and place it on the floor.  Before putting each item back in the bag, segment the sounds again.            
Rubber Band Stretch
Tell children to pretend they are holding a rubber band and stretch out the sounds in words.  Let the rubber band go, blend the sounds, and say the word. 
*This would be fun to do with ponytail bands.

Body Blend
Blend words touching parts of the body.  Touch the head as you say the beginning sound in the word.  Touch the stomach as you say the middle sound.  Touch the feet as you say the final sound.  Quickly move your hands from head to feet as you blend the sounds and say the word.
*You can also use the body to isolate sounds. 
For example:  Where do you hear the /p/ in cap?  (Children touch feet.)

Finger Tap
Bend in your fingers and extend your thumb.  Going from left tap a finger for each sound with your thumb.  Then blend the sounds as you sweep your thumb left to right and say the word.
For example:  /j/ /e/ /t/  (Run your thumb over your fingers as you say “jet.”)
*You can do a similar activity by extending your left arm in front of you.  Make the first sound as you touch your shoulder, the second sound as you touch the elbow, and the third sound as you touch the hand.  Then quickly sweep the right hand down your left arm as you blend the sounds and say the word.