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Thursday, September 26, 2013


Some of you have asked where I will be in the upcoming school year.  Whoopee!  Here are my dates.  Look on the (Staff Development for Educators) website for details.
ROCK, RHYME, WRITE, READ!  (And a Little Common Core!)
10/22-Harrisburg, PA,
10/23-Mt. Laurel, NJ 

11/06-Houston, TX 

11/07-Dallas, TX 

11/13- Los Angeles, CA 

11/14-Phoenix, AZ 

11/19- Columbia, SC 

12/03- Islandia, NY 

12/04 - Hartford, CT 

1/15-Atlanta, GA
1/16-Milwaukee, WI
1/21-Salt Lake City, UT
1/22-Denver, CO
1/28-Wichita, KS
1/29-Springfield, MO
2/4-Albuquerque, NM
2/5-El Paso, TX
3/25-New Orleans, LA
3/26-Jackson, MS
4/01-Knoxville, TN
4/02-Lexington, KY
4/08-Des Moines, IA
4/09-Elk Grove Village, IL
5/06-Livonia, MI
5/07-Indianapolis, IN

*I’ll also be presenting at these Kindergarten Conferences:
12/05-06/13, Florida Kindergarten Conference - Orlando, FL 

12/09-10/13, North Carolina Kindergarten Conference - Greensboro, NC