Tuesday, January 28, 2014


After a long day and flight I saw this Big Blue Bear when I got to my hotel in Denver. He made me smile! How whimsical and adorable!! Some talented person with a child-like heart created this to remind all of us that life is big and joyful and full of surprises! 

Newspapers, Magazines, and Junk Mail (Lucy Davis) 
Here's something that is inexpensive and requires little prep time. Newspapers and magazines can be used in multiple ways to expose children to print. 
*Let children use a highlighter to find letters, the letters in their names, sight words, punctuation, and sentences they can read. 
* Cut out words, letters, etc. 
*Use Wikki Sticks in a similar way to find letters, words, and punctuation in "real" books. 

Syllable Puppet (Kristi Lux) 
Tri-fold a piece of paper. (Hotdog) 
Then fold in half. (Hamburger) 
Bring the top flap down to the crease. 
Bring the back flap down to the crease. 
Put thumb in one opening and index and tall fingers in the other opening. 
This makes a puppet kids can open and close to demonstrate syllables in words. 
* Let children decorate with construction paper to make a dragon, monster, etc. 
Fly Swatter Game (Leah Menzies) 
Divide the class into two teams. The first student on each team is given a fly swatter. Place numerous graphics/pictures on the board. The teams line up in front of the board and the teacher calls out a letter. The first student to hit the picture starting with that sound earns a point for their team. 
*Adapt for numbers, math facts, words, etc. 

Snowy Day Scavenger Hunt (Rachel Levine) 
On bad weather days write sight words, letters, vocabulary, etc. on sticky notes and scatter around the school. Go on a "silent" scavenger hunt and find post it notes. 

Egg Letters (Ms. Maxwell) 
Use plastic eggs to make a letter/sound matching game. Tape clip art on one half of the egg and write letters with a Sharpie on the other half. 
*Use the same color for a visual hint. 
LOL - Thought you'd get a kick out of the Duck Dynasty!

Bingo (Nichole Villa) 
This is a great visual for the song "Bingo."' Cut out a large dog bone and write Bingo on it.  Cut out 5 hands and write the numerals 1-5 on them. Put Velcro on the back. Attach the hands to the bone as you sing so the children will know when it's time to clap. 

Count Around 
Children stand in a circle. As they count each child says a number. The child who says the predetermined number must sit down and the counting starts again. The last child standing is the winner. 
*Choose a number between 1 and 20 or the game is too long. 

I am humbled by the wonderful teachers I meet everywhere I go. You inspire me! Thank you!