Thursday, January 16, 2014


Whether you’re focused on the Common Core Or just want your students to learn more - Over the next few days you’ll find
Creative games for little minds.

Why play games?
Games are a perfect vehicle for reinforcing reading and math skills, and they nurture social skills, motor skills, and the executive function. Motivation and repetition are natural when children enjoy a game.

When you make your own games you can really “hone in” on specific objectives and the needs of your students. Take a look at these sites for blank game templates where you can insert your own skills. Letters, words, math facts…look at your standards and think, “How can I turn this into a game?”‎
*You won’t believe all the great free downloads on this site!‎‎

One of K.J.'s favorite activities in first grade was designing his own game.  The teacher gave them a blank game pattern that they glued to a file folder.  The children got to make up rules, penalties, markers, etc.  That's a powerful opportunity for a kid!  Wouldn't it also be a fun activity with a partner or small group?
How about asking parents to donate used or new games?  Adapt the games for skills and standards.  For example, one teacher said she took 4 old Candy Land games and wrote letters on the cards and board at the beginning of the year, then numerals, words, and math facts. Children never want to do a worksheet again, but a game is a “sneaky” way to get them to repeat key skills.