Tuesday, January 21, 2014


More “souvenirs” from my travels last week! 

Count and Exercise (Amy Lowrance)
When counting to 100, do a different activity/motion for each set of ten.
-touch toes
-bend knees
-jumping jacks

Coloring to Music (Pam Inman)
(Tune: “I Am Slowly Going Crazy”)
Children start by coloring slowly with one color. As the song gets faster they change colors and color faster.
*Use the instrumental version of the song on Better Bodies and Brains.

POP Corn (Katlyn Pella)
Write words, letters, numbers, etc. on die cut popcorn pieces and place in a plastic popcorn container. Children take turns pulling out popcorn. If they know it they keep it - if not they put it back in the container.
*Write “POP” on some pieces. If a child picks “POP” they have to put all their pieces back.

Jenga Game (Katlyn Pella)
Write letters, words, numbers, etc. on Jenga pieces. Children take turns pulling a block. If the child knows the information they may put it on their own tower. If the child doesn’t know, then it goes back in the bucket.
*They can play with a partner or small group.

Vowel Brain Break
This is a take off on the “Shake Down” activity. In the original version children shake their right hand five times as they count from 1-5. Then shake the left hand as you count from 1-5. Then the right foot and left foot. Next, shake every body part four times, then three, two, one…end by putting your arms in the air as you say, “Oh, yeah!”
To do the “Vowel Brain Break” by saying “a, e, i, o, u” as you shake each body part. Each time leave off a vowel so the last time you will say, “u, u, u, u.”

CD Organization (Anne Seraphine)
Make a poster and glue on large envelopes cut in half. (The envelopes need to be large enough to hold a CD. Cut them so the CD is sticking out.) Put a list of the songs on the outside of each pocket and highlight the songs you use the most.
*Great for subs because you can say “pocket 9, song #4).

Letter Bears (Nikki Mason)
Cut bears out of construction paper. Write letters on the bears and use for letter recognition or as a transition activity to line children up.

Flashlight Pen (Mabry Williamson)
Use a flashlight pen or laser to point/shine on words as you read them.
*Use googlie eye rings, mini wands (Michael’s) or fake fingers with nails to point to words.