Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Secret Signals
Explain to your class that you have some “secret signals” for the New Year. Don’t tell anyone else because they are just for your class.
         One - The children sit down.
         Two – Children put hands in their laps.
         Three – Children smile at you.
Practice the first three signals, and then you can add more.
         Four – Children line up at the door.
         Five – Hands by sides.

Sign Language Numbers for Classroom Management (Mary Rocheck) 

Children make the following hand signs for numbers:
1 Finger– I need to use the restroom.
2 Fingers – I need a tissue.
3 Fingers – I need my pencil sharpened.
4 Fingers - I need water.
5 Fingers – I know the answer or have a question.
*Make a poster to help children remember the signals.

Three Cheers
When the teacher says, “Give me cheer number one,” the students cheer loud and wave their arms.
When the teacher says, “Give me cheer number two,” the students cheer a little softer.
When the teacher says, “Give me cheer number three,” the students wave their arms, open their mouths, and don’t make a sound.

Hallway Song (Meghan Boyle)
(Tune: “Hush Little Baby”)
Hush little children don’t say a word.
We’re leaving the room and shouldn’t be heard.
Hands at your side and do not talk.
Tip toe in the halls when we start to walk.

*Before going in the hallway say, “Hands on your hips. Smile on your lips.”

How Do You Feel? (Bonnie Lewis)
Teacher: How do you feel?
Children: We feel good. Huh! (Children bend over slightly and flex their muscles.)

Teamwork (Rhonda Henschen)

After playing a game, to encourage teamwork and good sportsmanship gather in a huddle, put hands in together, and cheer, “Teamwork! Teamwork! Good job!”