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Saturday, June 28, 2014


See why I love my job! Take a look at all these terrific ideas teachers shared at the Early Childhood Summit at the College of Charleston last week. 

Ah Ha Moment! (Michelle Smith, Sandy Springs, OK)
Challenge parents to log the amount of time their child spends in front of a screen for a week. The next week challenge parents to spend the equal amount of time their child spent with technology reading, playing games, making things, etc.
*Let children “earn” technology time by reading, playing outside, etc.

Ah Ha Moment for Teachers!
How much time do you think students should spend every day in front of a screen??? Record screen time (Smart Board, computer, etc.) for a week. Look at the screen time that brain research experts and pediatricians recommend for children. How much time do you think they spend in front of a screen when they get home? Is there a balance between hands-on, interactive, multi-sensory learning with screen time in their lives?
*This would be a great research project for anybody in grad school.

Picture Blocks (Maryann Kozoil)
Glue children's photos to wooden blocks to encourage social skills and language in the 

block center . 

Letter Hunt ( Elizabeth Petrocelli andKim del Bosque)
Fill a box with shredded paper. Put letters, numbers, words, etc. in the box. Children pull out one at a time and then write it on a clipboard.
*You could also use Styrofoam packing or another material.
For younger children hide little toys and objects.

Lips and Hips (Jen Guidry)
(Tune: "The Wheels on the Bus")
I want to see your lips and hips,
Lips and hips, lips and hips.
I want to see your lips and hips
Before we go outside.
*Tell children the finger on their lips is to remind them to be quiet.
The hand on their hips is to remind them to keep their hands to themselves.

Friendship Song
Have children stand in a circle and use one child's name at a time as you sing:
Nick, Nick, Nick is in the middle.
Let me see you jump.
Let me see you wiggle.
Turn around.
Please sit down.
*If children don't warn to participate, respect that and let them just sit down.

Cast of Characters

Give each family a cut out of a person. (You can do this at open house or mail these before school starts.) Parents help their child decorate the cutout with some of their favorite things. These can be images cut out of magazines or drawings. The children can share these during circle time and then they can be displayed in the classroom.

Sensory Tray (Brenda Roughton)
Put colored sand in a pencil box. Children can use it to trace letters, numerals, shapes, words, etc.
*You could also put rice or another sensory material in a pencil box.

Vowel Circus
(Jodi McMaster)
Jodi McMaster has created a book to help beginning readers understand which sound each vowel makes within a word. Her strategy has been successful for thousands of children and she wants to share it with you. You can see videos at