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Sunday, June 8, 2014


Torn Paper Collage
Give children a fish shape to trace around and cut out. Next, let them take scrap paper (construction, tissue, wrapping, etc.) and tear it into little pieces. Finally, let them spread glue on the fish shape and then add the torn pieces of paper to make a collage.

Paper Plate Fish
Cut a triangle out of a paper plate to be the mouth of your fish. Use a brad fastener to make it a tail as shown. Decorate with markers, paint, or crayons.

Cut strips halfway up a lunch bag. Wad up a sheet of newspaper and place it in the bag. Twist to make the head of your jellyfish and tie with a piece of string. Add a face and crump the strips.

Crayon Resist
Ask children to draw underwater scenes with crayons. Press hard with the crayons to make fish, plants, etc. but don’t add water. Dilute blue paint and let the children paint over their scenes. The wax in the crayon will resist the paint and create your underwater scene.
Hint! Encourage children to think of titles for their artwork.

Fish Cracker Art
(I had to include this idea because it brings back sweet memories. Holly did this art project when she was in pre-K. One year old Nick was in the back seat of the car being very quiet until Holly noticed that he was eating the fish off her picture!)
Cut out the shape of a fishbowl and give it to the children to decorate with plants and sand. Let them glue fish crackers to complete the scene.