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Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Sometimes it’s the little things that can be a useful tool in your classroom. Look around!  What do you see that’s inexpensive and plentiful? Here are some ideas for those little glass pebbles they use in flower arrangements. Talk about simple, inexpensive, and adaptable!

1.  Let children find letters they recognize. Can they write them?

2.  Find numbers. Can they find all the numbers between 1 and 10 and write them?

3.  How many words can they find that they can read? Have them make a list.

4.  Can they find nouns and verbs?  Make a T-chart.

5.  Find punctuation…see how much fun this can be! 

Old newspapers, catalogs, magazines, and glass pebbles can become an engaging center for pre-k through primary grades. This would also be a good activity for study buddies. Children could take turns finding information for their friend to identify.