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Sunday, June 15, 2014


Counting & Cardinality

Make sets. Make eggs for a nest, pumpkins in the patch, peas in the pod…you get the idea.

Match one to one. (If you don’t have time to laminate, just put them in clear sheet protectors.

Make sets to demonstrate addition and subtraction. 

Decompose with play dough sets. 

Make something from play dough and then describe its weight and height. Can you make it longer? Shorter?

Write “more,” “less,” “equal” on three index cards. Children roll a die and then choose a card and make a set that is more, less, or equal to the amount on the die.  

Use play dough to make balls that are small, medium and large. What else can they make in three sizes?

Create flat (2-d) and solid (3-d) shapes. 

Give children toothpicks and play dough. What flat and solid shapes can they create?

Science and Social Studies
Reinforce information in a creative hands-on way with play dough. Children could make animals from a habitat, parts of a flower, tools of community helpers, healthy foods…endless possibilities!

You have now earned your B.A. (Borrow and Adapt) degree in playdoughology!