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Friday, June 27, 2014


Welcome to my guest blogger Kathleen Wright!  She's my friend who says we have to stick together and be super heroes to fight the negativity in education.  I think she's on the right track with this linky!

When I first started my Kidpeople Classroom blog, I did it for all the reasons most teachers do– I love teaching, I love to share ideas, I want to connect with people. But I also did it because in these times of insane educational policies teachers need encouragement. We need to remember to focus on the good stuff while telling the world what the good stuff is. But how to do that? I had no idea until my storyteller muse whispered in my ear, "Psst, what about funny kid stories?"

Hearing the things our kiddos come out with is a joyful perk of our job. So often when I share with adults the things I hear in the classroom, the response I get is, "You've got to write that down!" I know the same thing happens to most teachers. So I created Funny Kid Friday, a new linky party that I'm hosting on my blog to give teachers a place to share their funny kid stories. Of course, the stories we hear are not only funny. Kids always speak from the heart, and for the observant teacher there is sometimes a lot to be learned about children, our teaching, and the world, when we reflect on their words.

I'm hoping this linky will provide a way to share our stories and hear stories from others. Kids have as much commentary on life as we do, and we all benefit by hearing it. Real world stories often emphasize how kids think, and how our role as teachers is important. Let's keep ourselves, our policy makers, and everyone else focused on the kids– kids whose stories can be alarming, compelling, innocent, amazing, and yes... funny, too.

And if you're not a blogger or a teacher, and you want to do more than just read the anecdotes, not to worry. Go to the Funny Kid Friday post every Friday and share in the comment section. Or go to my facebook page and see Funny Kid Friday right up at the top. Let your inner storyteller take it away! I look forward to reading your tales!

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