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Monday, September 22, 2014


The first day of fall is Wednesday, September 23rd. Here some activities to celebrate this week!

Leaves Are Falling
(Tune: “Where Is Thumbkin?”)
Leaves are falling (Echo song. Children repeat each line.)
Leaves are falling (Flutter fingers down.)
To the ground. (Touch the ground.)
To the ground.
Red, orange, and yellow (Flutter fingers.)
Red, orange, and yellow
Falling down. (Touch the ground.)
Falling down.
*Let children dramatize being leaves and dancing in the wind. As the song ends they fall quietly to the ground.

*What happens to leaves after they fall from the trees? Later in the fall when there are lots of leaves on the ground demonstrate how to pick up a handful of leaves and crumple them in your hands. Explain how those leaves will decay and turn into soil.

It’s Fall
(Tune: “It’s Raining”)
It’s fall, it’s fall,
The best season of all.
Pumpkins, scarecrows,
Football, too.
A special time for me and you.

Why do you think they call this season “fall”? What’s another name for fall?
What season comes before fall? What season comes after fall? Fall is a cool off time between hot summer and cold winter.

Signs of Fall
Brainstorm signs of fall and write them on the board. What kind of clothes do we wear in fall? What’s the weather like in the fall? Are there any special seasonal foods we eat? What kind of sports are popular in fall? What holidays do we celebrate in the fall? What do animals do to get ready for winter? What do plants do in the fall?
*Let children make an attribute web and label it with pictures or words of things that remind them of fall.

Nature Walk
Go on a nature walk and look for signs of fall. Provide children with tablets, paper, and pencils so they can record their “observations” on the walk.

I Like Autumn Language Experience Chart
Let children dictate sentences about why they like autumn. Older children could write their own original stories about, “Fall, Fall, Best of All!”

Acrostic Poem
Write the words “fall” or “autumn” vertically down the side of a sheet of paper. Children think of a word that starts with each letter that relates to fall.

Paper Bag Tree
Tear (or cut) four strips from the top of the bag to the flap. Open. Squeeze the middle of the bag and twist. Let the children tear red, orange, and yellow paper and glue it to the tree.
*What fruits and nuts grow on trees? Let children make their favorite fruit tree.
*Make a spooky tree by adding bats and owls.

If you have a special party or event this fall, use a grocery bag to make the arrangement below. Scatter leaves and small pumpkins at the bottom and you'll amaze your guests!