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Tuesday, September 9, 2014


“Show Me” cards can be used to reinforce almost any math skill you are working on. They 
engage all children and give you the opportunity to quickly assess who has mastered a skill and who needs more help.

Make a set of “show me” cards for each child by writing the numerals 0-10 on the index
cards. Have children store their cards in a zip bag or envelope in their desk or cubby.
When you have a few extra minutes, have the children get their cards and arrange them on the floor or table in numerical order from 0-10. Use the cards for some of the games below. 

How Many?

Clap, snap, or stomp a set. Show me how many.
How many toes do you have? Show me.

How many sides in a triangle?
How many days in the week?

Make a set with felt pieces on the flannel board. Show me how many.

Mystery Number
I’m thinking of a number between 4 and 6. Show me.
I’m thinking of a number two more than seven. Show me.

Math Facts
4 plus 2. Show me.
9 minus 3. Show me.

Number Stories
I had four pennies. I found three more. Show me how many I have in all.

Expanded Notation
Put 3 in the tens spot and two in the ones spot. What’s the number?

Slap Happy
Children sit on the floor facing their partner. Place the “show me” cards on the floor between them. The teacher calls out math facts or number stories. Who can slap the correct answer first? Keep score if you wish.

What Else?
Make “Show Me” cards for shapes, letters, colors, or words.

P.S.  Doesn't that envelope cut in half make a great place to store flash cards, notes, etc.  If you cut down 3/4" on each side and then fold down the front it looks like a library pocket.