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Sunday, September 14, 2014


Yeah, I love holidays and I love to celebrate. Holidays give children something to look forward to, but many schools discourage celebrating religious holidays. So, I’ve decided to focus on some wacky holidays each month. I’m a little late for September, but I’ll try to do better in the future. 

I posted a blog about “International Talk Like a Pirate Day” which is coming up this Friday, September 19. But did you know that September 15 is “Make a Hat Day”? That’s Monday! Kids love to make hats, so here is an easy one you can make on Monday. Yes, you could tie the hat in with a theme or any skill you are working on.

Sentence Strip Hat
Materials: sentence strips or heavy paper cut in 2 ½” x 24”, markers, crayons, stickers
Directions: Let children decorate the sentence strip and then fit to their head and staple or tape in place.

Children can write letters, numerals, or vocabulary words on the headband. Sure beats doing a worksheet and accomplishes the same thing! 
Children can add ears or other details to create an animal from a story. Let them wear their hats to retell the story. 

How about an “all about me” headband?
Children can make an autograph hat with friends’ names.
If you cut a zig zag line on one side every child can be king or queen for the day! 
Hint! Two brad fasteners and a rubber band will make the hat easier to adjust to the head, but it’s a lot more trouble. 
Tuesday, September 16 is National Play Dough Day, so come back tomorrow to learn some play dough learning activites.