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Monday, September 15, 2014


Tomorrow is “National Play Dough Day,” and you know how much I love play dough because it’s multi-sensory and great for building up those little muscles. If you go to a dollar store you can get enough play dough for every child in your class for less than a fancy coffee drink. 

It’s great to just put out play dough and let children create whatever they want. Scissors, cookie cutters, craft sticks, rolling pin (aka cylinder block), cup cake liners, birthday cake candles, lids, and other textured objects offer lots of exploration. It’s helpful to use lunchroom trays, cookie sheets, or vinyl placemats to give children a defined space.
Hint! Make sure children wash their hands before and after playing with dough. 

You can also tie play dough into “intentional teaching.” (You’re going to get tired of hearing me say that word. We have always done intentional teaching in early childhood, but some people don’t “get” that purposeful play is how children learn!) Beginning sounds, letters, rhymes, story characters, sets, measuring, addition…   

How can you substitute screen time or a worksheet with play dough in your classroom tomorrow?