Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Review and reinforce skills with these quickies!

Pinch Cards

Cut construction paper or heavy paper into 8 ½ “ x 5 ½” rectangles. Down the left side write the numerals 0-10. Write the very same numerals on the reverse side. As the teacher calls out math problems the children pinch the correct answer and hold up their cards. The teacher can quickly glance around the room to check responses.
*Make pinch cards for words, numeral recognition 10-20, phonics, etc.

Zip It
Write letters, words, numbers, etc. on the left side of a sheet of paper as shown and insert the paper in a zip bag. Call out a question, and children “zip” to the correct answer and then hold up their bag. 
*If you write numerals horizontally you can use it like a number line.
Hold Up!

Each child will need a wipe off board or magic slate. They could also write on their desk with a dry erase marker. The children calls out a word and children write down the beginning, middle, or ending sound. After several seconds the teacher says, “Hold up!” and the children hold up their answers.
*Adapt this for spelling words, math number stories, review questions, etc.
*Tell the children to “draw what you know” and then share with a friend.