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Monday, November 3, 2014


John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, was a heavy gambler. In 1762 he created the sandwich by putting meat between two pieces of bread so he could stay at the gambling table longer.

Here’s a unique sandwich book you can make today or save for another time. It’s a little “rabbit trap” to engage your students in writing their opinion or a description of their favorite sandwich. You could also use it as a “how to” make a sandwich.

Materials: 2 paper plates, scissors, markers or crayons
Directions: Fold one plate in half. Open. Cut in on the rim approximately
2½ ” from each side on the creased line as shown. Fold the second plate in half. Trim off 4 “ of the creased edge between the rim as shown. Roll the first plate and fit into the hole in the second plate. Fold in half.

*Let students brainstorm all the different types of sandwiches with a friend. 

*How many different types of condiments can they think of to go on a sandwich?

*Make a graph of your class’ favorite sandwich.

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