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Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I was cleaning out my “teacher stuff” and I came across a bag with a bunch of pointers. I’m sure you’ve seen many of these, but I think you’ll “spy” at least one new one. 

Why use pointers?

Children love anything novel and different. They can use these pointers to track from left to right, identify key details in a picture, point out letters or words in print, highlight capitalization and punctuation, touch shapes…I think you get the “point”!

Magic wand – dip the end of a chopstick in glue and roll in glitter
Finger nail – glue a fake fingernail to a craft stick
I Spy – glue a googly eye to a craft stick
Jewel – glue a fake jewel to a craft stick
Witches’ finger – great fun

Swizzle stick – buy these at a dollar store or have a drink at a bar (Just kidding!)
Pretzel stick – point and then eat (Bugles are fun as well!)
Seasonal – glue small seasonal toys or stickers to craft sticks
Personal pointer – take photos of children with their finger pointing in the air

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